Cart for a Cause – Meals on Wheels

It was a pleasure to attend the Cart for a Cause / Meals on Wheels silent auction/fund raiser charity event at the Jonathan Beach Club in Santa Monica Last night. Los Angeles Photographer Dana Hursey was there in attendance as well, who not only did the photography for Arroyo Physical Therapy web site, but is also the photographer for the Cart for a Cause / Meals on Wheels cookbook coming out in a few months.

Cart for a Cause is a food truck that hires local celebrity chefs and serves gourmet meals for only $10, with $6.50 going directly to Meals on Wheels, which is the cost of feeding one person for a day.

You can follow Cart for a Cause on Twitter and on Facebook to find when they might be near you.

Arroyo Physical Therapy has made several referrals for individuals that needed assistance from Meals on Wheels and will be taking pre-orders for the new cookbook soon, so stay tuned.

Kinesiology Tape

You’ve seen it on top athletes and marketed in all of the sport stores. Kinesio Tape, Kinesiology Tape! or KT Tape, or many other names. Not all are the same, however, the benefits of taping are substantial. Aiding in lymphatic draining, general swelling, muscle facilitation or inhibition, or for muscular functional and proprioceptive re-training. The uses and benefits of taping can be profound. At Arroyo Physical Therapy, we use taping to aide in pain management, lymphedema control and postural re-training to facilitate more appropriate functional movement patterns. When done correctly, K-Taping has a unique ability to get your body to respond in ways that are sometimes hard to learn, and make movements and motions more fluid and natural. Taping is a great tool to re-educate the body’s awareness to itself.

Peripheral Neuropathy

Arroyo Physical Therapy uses Laser/Light Therapy for treating Peripheral Neuropathy. Altho the mechanism of neuropathy can vary (i.e. Diabetes, Chemotherapy, Medications, HIV, etc.) Laser/Light Therapy stimulates healing at the cellular level by increasing nerve function, increasing cellular energy (mitochondria) and metabolism, improves tissue strength (collagen synthesis), and aids in the development and circulation of blood vessels and nutrition. Laser/Light Therapy can also aide in our immunes histamine response, increase growth hormone and relieve symptoms of the healing process.

We have excellent outcomes and the best part is you won’t feel a thing! It’s completely comfortable and pain free! Be sure to ask about our Laser/Light treatments and refer a friend!

Balance Therapy

Arroyo Physical Therapy started just a little over a year ago and is a partnership with the Balance Disorders Institute. We have a strong relationship with BDI that includes mentorship, clinical internships for students from various universities, mutual referral source, diagnostic testing and are growing! We pride ourselves in quality individualized (one on one) care and education.

Movement Disorders

Arroyo Physical Therapy is proud to be a part of the Southern California Movement Disorder Specialists group located in Pasadena, Ca. Dr. Lisk is the only fellowship trained movement disorder neurologist in the San Gabriel
Valley and treats Parkinson’s, restless leg, dystonia, and Huntington’s Chorea. We are part of the lecture series on Parkinson’s and will be conducting classes soon. Stay tuned.

Parkinson’s Specialist

Here at Arroyo Physical Therapy our physical therapy staff are certified and trained in the BIG® treatment for Parkinson’s. Treatment involves specialized movements to facilitate better functional mobility. General movement disorders such as feeling out of balance, or poor walking, can be also be addressed by these specialized movements and can assist those with Parkinson’s or balance problems in maintaining independence.