More on Computerized Posturography

Arroyo Physical Therapy of Pasadena, CA., is pleased to be working with Fall Control Systems for balance screenings and postural assessment. Beginning the first of the year, 2012, on the first Saturday of the month, we will be offering a computerized assessment and a balance screening for only $25. The end result, you will have a detailed analysis and a copy of the details to take to your doctor for further discussion. Call and reserve your space today, as appointments are required.

Fall Prevention Screenings

Arroyo Physical Therapy is proud to announce that starting in 2012, on the First Saturday of each month, we will be offering balance and fall screenings with Fall Control Systems.

Along with a screening by a licensed physical therapist to assess ones vestibular system, there will be foot analysis and posturography analysis for each person to take to their MD for further evaluation and diagnostic assistance.

We look forward to this new venture! Spread the word!

Rainy Days…..

Yes its raining out. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors. Just dress appropriately and wear proper shoes, and you can be just as mobile in the rain as in the sunshine. Of course, rain can make outdoor walking surfaces more slippery, so be sure to utilize a walking stick or have someone with you for safety. And if you just can’t bring yourself to get out-side, its a great time to practice your home exercise program so you can stay strong and flexible.

Parson’s Health Fair

Arroyo Physical Therapy of Pasadena, CA will be have a booth at the Parson’s Health Fair today in Pasadena. We are fortunate enough to be the ONLY physical therapy clinic/office represented. We will be offering balance screenings and information on Parkinson’s, Geriatric and Senior Resources for Rehab and Vestibular and Inner Ear Education.

We are proud to offer the best service and care for your rehab needs.