Balance and Fall screenings

Remember our monthly balance and fall screening this Saturday, Feb. 4th! These screenings can help prevent falls, provide you with tools and education to make important decisions about your health. The staff at Arroyo Physical Therapy in Pasadena, CA., are the balance and movement disorder rehab specialists.

SB 924 – Therapist – GET INVOLVED!!!!

SB 924 Direct Access to Physical Therapy Services will be heard in the Senate Appropriations committee!

SB 924 will allow consumers to be directly treated by physical therapists just as in many other states. SB 924 will streamline health care delivery, increase consumer choice and reduce costs for consumers. Under current law, patients must wait to see a physician and incur a co-pay in order to receive a formal diagnosis of a disease before they can begin treatment for their symptoms, which may simply include “knee pain” or “stiff neck.” After receiving a diagnosis, patients then must wait to be seen by a physical therapist and incur another co-pay before treatment can begin on a movement related condition. SB 924 will allow patients to go directly to physical therapist, avoid extra co-pays and if appropriate for physical therapist services, begin treatment immediately.

We need every CPTA member to make a phone call and write a letter of support to the members of the Senate Appropriations committee.

The victory can only be won with your help! Let’s flood the legislature with your SB 924 support letters and phone calls today!

Senate Appropriations Committee:

Kehoe (Chair, D) – (916) 651-4039, fax (916) 327-2188

Walters (Vice-Chair, R) – (916) 651-4033, fax (916) 445-9754

Alquist (D) – (916) 651-4013, fax (916) 324-0283

Emmerson (R) – (916) 651-4037, fax (916) 327-2187

Lieu (D) – (916) 651-4028, fax (916) 323-6056

Pravley (D) – (916) 651-4023, fax (916) 324-4823

Price (D) – (916) 651-4026, fax (916) 445-8899

Runner (R) – (916) 651-4017, fax (916) 445-4662

Steinberg (D) – (916) 651-4006, fax (916) 323-2263

Thank you for your assistance with these efforts and your dedication to the physical therapy profession!

For more information on how you can get involved in our efforts contact Albert Parnell at or 916-929-2782.

Parkinson’s Class

Rose Bowl Aquatics Center

Today is the first day of the Parkinson’s Exercise Class! It’s a community-based exercise program presented by USC division of BioKinesiology and Physical Therapy and the RBAC! Know of someone that would benefit from the class? Contact 626.564.0330 x603 for more information!

LGBT(QIA) Aging Seniors

Arroyo Physical Therapy is committed to providing services to the LGBT – QIA aging community in Pasadena, CA., and surrounding cities. As a gay owned clinic we understand the needs of our community and are proud to work with our community, especially LGBT – QIA seniors.

Be sure to check out our website: ArroyoPT for services, location and hours.

We look forward to working with you soon.

Medicare Changes for 2012

Medicare once again is planning big changes for the new year. Although the decision has been put off for a while, it is important to know what you should do in order to continue receiving and maximizing your Medicare benefits. Altho the Medicare cap was slightly increased for Medicare recipients, the overall reimbursements for physical therapy services and for providers are being cut by a proposed 27.4%. Arroyo Physical Therapy will still be providing services under Medicare, however, wanted you to be aware of things you are now responsible for:

Some things to remember:
You MUST see your own physician and obtain any new or updated prescription. We can no longer obtain prescriptions for you.
You MUST comply with your Home Exercise Program(s) and participate in your therapy regime. If gains are NOT being made, medicare requires that you be discharged.
You can no longer be seen for the same condition if there is no change in your functional status. This is considered “maintenance” and is NOT covered by medicare.
You can NOT automatically return to therapy, if there is a hiatus, if you have not or are not making gains or progress.
You can NOT been seen at 2 different facilities for physical therapy, even if it’s for a different diagnosis.
You can NOT receive Home Health Services and Out Patient Services at the same time under Medicare.

Once you have exhausted your benefits under Medicare, we invite you to consider our Concierge Services to continue your care at your convenience.

Our goal at Arroyo Physical Therapy in Pasadena, CA., is to work with you and improve your quality of life and keep you active and healthy as possible. This is a team effort, and we look forward to working together with you for a better, safer and stronger 2012.