Large Amplitude Rehabilitative Therapy:
A Specialized Treatment for Parkinson’s and other Neurological
and Movement Disorders

Conducted by:
Kathleen McGuire, PT, DPT
Certified LSVT® BIG Therapist

Treatment is based on the LSVT® BIG program, using large amplitude movements and a single focus on maximum amplitude and effort to achieve normal motor output and promote neuroplasticity.

The Arroyo Physical Therapy Parkinson’s Program Includes:
• A comprehensive 50-minute evaluation with Kathleen McGuire, PT, DPT
• Communication with the primary referring Physician(s) regarding findings, objectives, goals and treatment plan(s)
• An individualized treatment program
• Patient-specific goals discussed and decided with the patient, family and/or caregivers
• A focus on the activities important to the patient such as walking, movement specific actions for sports (i.e. golf, tennis, etc), community activities or fall prevention.
• Treatment is billed through Medicare and most private insurance. Cash based programs are available as well.

Group Classes Coming Soon:

1) Parkinson’s Specific BIG class for those looking to maintain mobility
2) Balance Class at the South Pasadena Senior Center
3) Group Classes for General Conditioning

2693 E Washington Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107


It is something we do every day – TEACH! We teach our patients exercises and techniques to help manage signs and symptoms, to get stronger and more flexible, to have better balance, to be safe and to help prevent falls, and also general education about what ails them.

Now Arroyo Physical Therapy, in Pasadena, CA., is taking that a step further. Founder/Owner, Jeremy Cowin, PTA, is now teaching Physical Therapist Assistant students at Concorde Career College in North Hollywood. As the Lab Instructor, he is preparing the next generation of PTA’s to not only have the hand’s on skills it takes to carry the profession forward, but to instill the confidence and the practical, ethical, critical thinking in the PTA’s so they can be an asset to the physical therapy profession.

VEDA – Vestibular Disorders Association!

WOW! What a great offer from the Outreach Coordinator at VEDA to contact us and ask that they promote our FREE Fall and Balance Screenings on their website for “Balance Awareness Week – Sept 16 – 22, 2012.”

Click HERE for VEDA’s website.

Click HERE to view our Promotion on their website!

How fantastic and generous! Thank you VEDA!

Balance Awareness Week: Sept 16 – 22, 2012

Just a reminder that next week is Balance Awareness Week. September to September 22, 2012. As a special, Arroyo Physical Therapy of Pasadena, CA., is offering FREE Balance and Fall Screenings by appointment for the entire MONTH of September. We usually do the screenings the first Saturday of the month, however, to honor Balance Awareness Week, we are extending it for the WHOLE month. So give us a call – 626-795-9623 and set up you FREE Fall and Balance Screening today! Be sure to refer a friend.

We have successfully MOVED!

Yes! FINALLY! The move went without any major problems and we are slowly but surely getting settled into the new space. We are located at the Crown City Rehabilitation Center in their Physical Therapy Room. It is bigger, more modern and updated than the previous setting, allowing us more flexibility with rehab.

As with any move, there are the new adjustments and growing pains that come with a new location and working within a new environment. We are quite sure that the new space will accommodate the needs of our patients and look forward to working with you at the new location.