October is National LGBT Month

The month of October is full of special days: Not only did Eleanor and Theodore Roosevelt celebrate their birthdays in Oct, (the 11th and 27th) we also celebrate stop bullying day -Wear Purple, (Oct 20th) and national coming out day (0ct. 23rd). This month is also known as National GLBT Month. And in so honoring LGBT month, we wanted to honor those in the LGBTQI community that have paved the way for so many benefits we have and remind everyone that there are many resources for our LGBTQI Seniors. A good resource can be found by clicking here. This online resource is aimed at providing information for our LGBT Aging population and those that serve their needs. I hope you find it helpful and a good resource tool.

K-Taping and Cold Laser Clinic

Just a reminder that at Arroyo Physical Therapy we offer kinesio taping, K-Tape clinics for pain associated with movement disorders. Taping can help alleviate pain and facilitate appropriate movement strategies to normalize functional movement patterns. We also offer cold laser therapy to help manage pain and restore sensation for neuropathy associated with Diabetes, HIV, Chemo/Radiation, etc., These services and clinics are offered on Wednesday’s and are by appointment only.

Thank you for remembering and referring Arroyo Physical Therapy of Pasadena, CA.

Get Out and VOTE!

I hear a lot of people saying “What about my rights?” Well, its a valid question at some level, but as a citizen of these United States, you have the “Right” to vote AND as a citizen, a “duty/obligation” to vote to ensure your “rights” you hold so dear.

Arroyo Physical Therapy, although not a politically driven small business in Pasadena, CA., we are however, committed to providing quality care and information that we deem reliable and beneficial.

This link: CA PROPOSITIONS – is a good resource for understanding the issues that we are voting on this election. No matter your opinion or conviction, we hope you consider voting a “privilege.” I hope you join us in voting this year. Yours and my “rights” depend on it!

Whether we see you at the polls, or if you vote in absentee, we want you to really consider getting out and voting.

It’s Hip to be Square!

At Arroyo Physical Therapy, we are very happy with our service from Square! If you are not familiar, you can check them out here at SquareUp! We are able to make purchases fast and easy and deposits come directly to us within days! Our clients and patients often like and comment on how easy the process is as well. We can process bills due over the phone in our Pasadena, CA. clinic or on the go at events such as health fairs, marathons and community outreach. It has made our clinic more accessible and mobile, without having to carry much cash around, and that is a relief while out of the office.

San Gabriel Valley Pride Festival

We also have a booth at this years San Gabriel Valley Pride Festival on Sunday, October 14, 2012 at the Pasadena City College.

As a business that is gay owned, we are proud to be a part of this venue and to be a local resource for the LGBTQI Community. We are sharing a booth with Dr. Elke Rechberger, who is a long time advocate for the LGBTQI community and a wonderful personal friend.

We look forward to seeing you at the event. And as always, be sure to refer a friend.

More info can be found at: www.ArroyoPT.com

Altadena Senior Center Health & Information Fair

We are at it again! Offering FREE Fall and Balance Screenings THIS Saturday, October 13, 2012 at the Altadena Senior Center located at: 560 E Mariposa Street, Altadena, CA 91001. We are proud to be more involved with a local senior center.

As always, be sure to share this info with anyone you think may benefit from our services. We truly are thankful and thrive on your referrals.