National Parkinson Foundation and Aware in Care Kit

People with Parkinson’s know how important it is to take their medications on time. The National Parkinson Foundation has put together some information and a Kit that can be helpful to someone with Parkinson’s, in the event they are hospitalized – whether as a planned visit or in the event of an emergency, this kit can help organize your care and medications to make sure you get the care you need. Visit

for more information and to order your kit today!

Holiday Gifts

Yes! It’s the time of year when we plan our gifts to family, friends and clients. Nobody likes to see anyone in pain and what a great gift to those who have minor aches and pains than the gift of BiofreezeĀ®.

It makes an excellent stocking stuffer and right now through Arroyo Physical Therapy we will give an extra 20% off of any BiofreezeĀ® purchase (while supplies last) if you mention this post!

Hope you all have a wonderful, safe and healthy Holiday, however, you celebrate!

Billing Services

Every office needs a good billing service. Whether you sacrifice your own time to get it done, or hire out a service, billing can be a huge time commitment.

I am proud to suggest the services of Tish Bales at Medical Professional Consulting and Billing Services, Inc.

Tish and her staff are knowledgable, timely, efficient, and most important to me, ready for a good laugh! We have never had a claim denied due to their efficient detective work and pre-authorizations, and there is always a desire to help no matter what the issue and her team really thinks out-side the box to problem solve and get things done.

I am proud to use them for my billing service. They save me time, and actually help make me more money!