TOTAL REHAB of the High Desert

Total Rehab (Visit us here: is our sister company located in the High Desert Region of Victorville, Apple Valley and Hesperia.  Located off of Bear Valley Blvd, we offer physical therapy programs for: Parkinson’s, Stroke, Neurological Disorders, Balance and Movement Disorders, Vestibular Testing (VAT/ENG), Vestibular Rehab, Concussion Rehab, as well as other orthopedic conditions such as: Back and Neck Pain, Headaches, Sprains & Strains, Pre- & Post- Operative Care, Generalized Weakness and Loss of Motion and Soft Tissue Injuries, just to name a few.

Our team of Licensed Physical Therapist’s and Physical Therapist Assistant’s are excited to bring you the latest in treatment technologies and techniques, as well as providing you with the best physical therapy care possible (one on one for a full hour!).

We are Medicare Certified, and accept most PPO’s and have a select few HMO contracts and limited Workers Comp.  Please call us at 800-489-6905 X 101 for more details and we will be happy to discuss your needs and assist in  verifying your benefits to see if we can meet your needs.

And you can always email us: for more info too!


Balance Awareness Week Sept. 15 – 21

We all know that our balance and general movements are taken for granted. We have been walking, running and moving before we could actually think – and so our movements are as natural to us as breathing. We move and breathe without even thinking about it. Well for those that have dizziness, movement disorders and vertigo, moving can be very frightening and upsetting. And seeing an expert who can provide tools to manage and cope with movement disorders is important.

We are Arroyo Physical Therapy are proud to be a part of VEDA Balance Awareness week and are offering FREE Fall and balance screenings (by appointment) for the month of September. If you know of anyone needing our services, a referral is your best compliment.


Offering Senior Fitness Instruction

Arroyo Physical Therapy is pleased to announce that Jeremy Cowin, PTA, has completed his course work and is now a Certified Senior Fitness Specialist!

This is just another way that Arroyo Physical Therapy in Pasadena, CA is reaching out to the community and is showing their commitment to Senior Health and Fitness.

Congratulations! to Jeremy. And we hope to see you soon!

Some Benefits of Walking!!!

Walking is so important. We are MADE to walk!

Did you know:
– walking 30 minutes a day can cut your risk of diabetes by 50% and for those over the age of 60 by 70%?
– walking cuts the risk of stroke by 25%?
– walking reduces hypertension and lower blood pressure for 20 hours?
– women who walk have a 20% lower risk factor for breast cancer and 31% lower risk for developing colon cancer?
– Women who walk regularly can reduce cancer recurrence and mortality by 50%?
– walking helps our body resists diseases and heals faster when we walk?
– Men who walk have significantly lower prostate cancer and can lower risk of colon cancer by 60%?
– Men with prostate cancer show that walking can reduce mortality by 46%?
– walking helps prevent depression by producing endorphins?
– walking strengthens the heart, circulatory system and bones?
– walking produces POSITIVE neurochemicals while dieting can trigger NEGATIVE neurochemicals?
– walking has benefits that exceed losing 20 pounds?
– walking can reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis?
– walking can reduce the risk of “catching a cold” and reduce the life a “cold” by 46%?
– walking boosts our healthy cholesterol?
– walking diminishes the risk of hip fracture and need for gallstone surgery by 20 – 31%?
– All you need is 15 min in the AM and 15 min in the PM to keep your body healthy and to add years to your life?

If you are having difficulty walking, physical therapy can help you gain the confidence and strength you need to be more active, safe and moving!

The staff at Arroyo Physical Therapy, in Pasadena, CA are movement experts, and can help you achieve your lifelong goals of being active and walking more.

Getting Closer to our MOVE Date!

Yes it’s true! Arroyo Physical Therapy is moving! As of September 1, 2012 we will be in a new location. New beginnings are good and we fell that our new location will allow us to provide better services in a more updated and open space. Our new space is located at: 2693 E Washington Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107. We will be closer to Sierra Madre, Arcadia and Altadena, and just a bit further east of our current location. We are looking forward to our new adventure and trust you will find the new location far more accessible. And speaking of accessible, the parking is still FREE!

We are Moving!

Yes its true! Arroyo Physical Therapy in Pasadena, CA will be moving to a new location. We have out-grown our current space and will upgrading to a larger space. We will be able to offer more services, such as balance classes, and be better able to meet the needs of our patients.

Location will be announced over the next few weeks. So stay tuned.


At the conference on aging last week, we were asked quite frequently ‘where can I buy biofreeze?’.

Biofreeze is sold through independent clinics such as our physical therapy clinic here in Pasadena, and NOT at your local drugstore.

We have multiple sizes for your convenience and offer FREE samples should you want to try the product before purchasing!