SB 924 - Therapist - GET INVOLVED!!!!

SB 924 Direct Access to Physical Therapy Services will be heard in the Senate Appropriations committee! SB 924 will allow consumers to be directly treated by physical therapists just as in many other states. SB 924 will streamline health care delivery, increase consumer choice and reduce costs for consumers. Under current law, patients must wait to see a physician and incur a co-pay in order to receive a formal diagnosis of a disease before they can begin treatment for their symptoms, which may simply include "knee pain" or "stiff neck." After receiving a diagnosis, patients then must wait to be seen by a physical therapist and incur another co-pay before treatment can begin on a movement related condition. SB 924 will allow patients to go directly to physical therapist, avoid extra co-pays and if appropriate for physical therapist services, begin treatment immediately.

We need every CPTA member to make a phone call and write a letter of support to the members of the Senate Appropriations committee.

The victory can only be won with your help! Let's flood the legislature with your SB 924 support letters and phone calls today!

Senate Appropriations Committee:

Kehoe (Chair, D) - (916) 651-4039, fax (916) 327-2188

Walters (Vice-Chair, R) - (916) 651-4033, fax (916) 445-9754

Alquist (D) - (916) 651-4013, fax (916) 324-0283

Emmerson (R) - (916) 651-4037, fax (916) 327-2187

Lieu (D) - (916) 651-4028, fax (916) 323-6056

Pravley (D) - (916) 651-4023, fax (916) 324-4823

Price (D) - (916) 651-4026, fax (916) 445-8899

Runner (R) - (916) 651-4017, fax (916) 445-4662

Steinberg (D) - (916) 651-4006, fax (916) 323-2263

Thank you for your assistance with these efforts and your dedication to the physical therapy profession!

For more information on how you can get involved in our efforts contact Albert Parnell at or 916-929-2782.