Back Pain And Balance

Back pain is one of the leading reasons individuals visit their doctor and as individuals age, the complaint is more common. There are many reasons that create back pain but we are going to focus on how back pain can impact balance and potentially lead to falls. 

In an article titled, “Chronic Back Pain and its Effect on Balance” found in Healthy Cells magazine online, author Poonam McAllister describes the spine as “a complex interconnecting network of nerves, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments, and all are capable of producing pain.” That is a long list of moving parts in the body that can break down and cause problems and/or pain in the back. When we start experiencing pain in our back, that pain can affect postural stability, gait and lower extremity strength. 

Vice-versa poor balance can create back pain. No one wants to fall and most individuals who have poor balance have developed compensatory strategies to allow them to stay upright and moving. That works for a while, but the body was designed to move in specific ways and alterations to those movements can cause muscles to start pulling and straining in ways that can shift joints, inflame tendons and ligaments, and basically create pain; especially in the middle of the body including the back. 

If you are suffering from back pain and/or have bad balance, consult with your doctor about starting a physical therapy regime. Physical therapy can work to identify the working problems as your body is moving and get you moving in a more appropriate and comfortable manner. Back pain doesn’t need to limit your functional activities and working with Arroyo Physical Therapy can help reduce your back pain, improve your balance and get you moving.  Contact us for more information!

Jeremy CowinComment