Summer is here!

Well... almost. Doesn't seem like it really with the rain right now, however, its a good time to start thinking about being more active. I have made a commitment to start exercising more regularly and consistently and in addition to my home program, I am also hiking on the weekends with my dogs and swimming at the Rose-bowl. Its easy enough to get distracted and get bored with exercise, but I have found that it can help when you have a variety of activities to chose from or that you enjoy, and also to have a buddy help you stay committed to your routine. All it takes is a small amount of desire, some willingness to make change(s) and a commitment to get it done. Exercise is PROVEN to aid in memory function, decrease risks for diseases, promote longevity, improve ones ability for mobility, balance and coordination.

So! I encourage you to find something that interests you: swimming, walking, golf, gymnastics, take a dance or a vocal class, art classes, photography, diving, SCUBA, gardening, dog walking, running, ping-pong, tennis, spinning, racket ball, skydiving, water polo, frisbee, etc. I don't care what it is.... just get moving! It could save your life.