Kinesiology Tape

You've seen it on top athletes and marketed in all of the sport stores. Kinesio Tape, Kinesiology Tape! or KT Tape, or many other names. Not all are the same, however, the benefits of taping are substantial. Aiding in lymphatic draining, general swelling, muscle facilitation or inhibition, or for muscular functional and proprioceptive re-training. The uses and benefits of taping can be profound. At Arroyo Physical Therapy, we use taping to aide in pain management, lymphedema control and postural re-training to facilitate more appropriate functional movement patterns. When done correctly, K-Taping has a unique ability to get your body to respond in ways that are sometimes hard to learn, and make movements and motions more fluid and natural. Taping is a great tool to re-educate the body's awareness to itself.