Balance Awareness Week is coming up!

That's right! Balance Awareness Week is coming, September 16th - 22nd! Did you know that the word "vestibular" refers to the balance system in the inner-ear? We don't always understand as healthy people how much someone suffers when their brain, eyes, muscular-skeletal system and inner-ear aren't working in harmony or these systems get impaired. Approximately 35% of US adults over the age of 40 have had some type of vestibular dysfunction at some time in their life. Signs and Symptoms of a vestibular disorder can exhibit: poor concentration, cognitive deficits, memory and word loss, reading difficulties, have vertigo (feeling of spinning), dizziness, feelings of fatigue, vision that "jumps", feel "unsteady" and "foggy", experience nausea and vomiting, hearing loss and a ringing in the ears, known as "tinnitus." These balance deficits/disorders are "invisible" and are often over-looked, since there are no outward signs of dysfunction, so often individuals with vestibular disorders, are often labeled as "faking it" or over-reacting. However, chronic illness can occur if not treated early and properly. A lot of what we know about vestibular system came from NASA's research and study on returning astronauts.

At Arroyo Physical Therapy, we offer vestibular rehab focusing on the needs of those that suffer from vestibular dysfunction and help restore normal function as much as possible through our thorough evaluations, testing and education. For more information visit our website: or visit

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