Large Amplitude Rehabilitative Therapy:A Specialized Treatment for Parkinson’s and other Neurological and Movement Disorders

Conducted by: Kathleen McGuire, PT, DPT Certified LSVT® BIG Therapist

Treatment is based on the LSVT® BIG program, using large amplitude movements and a single focus on maximum amplitude and effort to achieve normal motor output and promote neuroplasticity.

The Arroyo Physical Therapy Parkinson’s Program Includes: • A comprehensive 50-minute evaluation with Kathleen McGuire, PT, DPT • Communication with the primary referring Physician(s) regarding findings, objectives, goals and treatment plan(s) • An individualized treatment program • Patient-specific goals discussed and decided with the patient, family and/or caregivers • A focus on the activities important to the patient such as walking, movement specific actions for sports (i.e. golf, tennis, etc), community activities or fall prevention. • Treatment is billed through Medicare and most private insurance. Cash based programs are available as well.

Group Classes Coming Soon:

1) Parkinson’s Specific BIG class for those looking to maintain mobility 2) Balance Class at the South Pasadena Senior Center 3) Group Classes for General Conditioning

2693 E Washington Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107

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