Get Out and VOTE!

I hear a lot of people saying "What about my rights?" Well, its a valid question at some level, but as a citizen of these United States, you have the "Right" to vote AND as a citizen, a "duty/obligation" to vote to ensure your "rights" you hold so dear. Arroyo Physical Therapy, although not a politically driven small business in Pasadena, CA., we are however, committed to providing quality care and information that we deem reliable and beneficial.

This link: CA PROPOSITIONS - is a good resource for understanding the issues that we are voting on this election. No matter your opinion or conviction, we hope you consider voting a "privilege." I hope you join us in voting this year. Yours and my "rights" depend on it!

Whether we see you at the polls, or if you vote in absentee, we want you to really consider getting out and voting.

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