Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and Vertigo!

It is possible for someone can get vertigo from exposure to carbon monoxide? The answser is YES! More info can be found on this site - Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Signs and Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning can vary depending on the amount actually present in the environment, duration of exposure, age of the individual, overall state of health and physical activity. Most often, however, people with Carbon Monoxide Poisoning may have: headache, nausea, vertigo, altering states of consciousness and weakness. Signs and Symptoms may be worse when gas appliances are in use, or in the winter months when gas boilers/heaters are in use, and may get worse when rooms/homes are crowded.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning happens when our lungs take in more Carbon Monoxide than Oxygen. If there is too much Carbon Monoxide in the air, it can be 240 times MORE likely to bind with our blood than Oxygen, thus reducing the ability of Oxygen to bind with the blood that our body and tissues need for survival: thus our body becomes "starved" of Oxygen. Long term exposure can lead to swelling of the brain which can lead to unconsciousness and neurological damage.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning from happening: Education and Awareness, installing alarms that that detect carbon monoxide levels in the home and at work, having your gas or fuel lines checked regularly for leaks and by properly ventilating areas where gas and fuel lines are utilized. (This is NOT an exclusive list, however, is meant as a guide for more information. More information can be obtained by calling your professional registered gas/fuel specialist or provider.)