Some Benefits of Walking!!!

Walking is so important. We are MADE to walk! Did you know: - walking 30 minutes a day can cut your risk of diabetes by 50% and for those over the age of 60 by 70%? - walking cuts the risk of stroke by 25%? - walking reduces hypertension and lower blood pressure for 20 hours? - women who walk have a 20% lower risk factor for breast cancer and 31% lower risk for developing colon cancer? - Women who walk regularly can reduce cancer recurrence and mortality by 50%? - walking helps our body resists diseases and heals faster when we walk? - Men who walk have significantly lower prostate cancer and can lower risk of colon cancer by 60%? - Men with prostate cancer show that walking can reduce mortality by 46%? - walking helps prevent depression by producing endorphins? - walking strengthens the heart, circulatory system and bones? - walking produces POSITIVE neurochemicals while dieting can trigger NEGATIVE neurochemicals? - walking has benefits that exceed losing 20 pounds? - walking can reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis? - walking can reduce the risk of "catching a cold" and reduce the life a "cold" by 46%? - walking boosts our healthy cholesterol? - walking diminishes the risk of hip fracture and need for gallstone surgery by 20 - 31%? - All you need is 15 min in the AM and 15 min in the PM to keep your body healthy and to add years to your life?

If you are having difficulty walking, physical therapy can help you gain the confidence and strength you need to be more active, safe and moving!

The staff at Arroyo Physical Therapy, in Pasadena, CA are movement experts, and can help you achieve your lifelong goals of being active and walking more.