Balance Therapy for Strokes!

It is a known fact that those that have a stroke are more likely to experience a higher risk of falls due to the disruption of the reactions that control equilibrium and the overall decreased ability to control proper weight shifting and decreased postural awareness. As a result, it is imperative that these balance problems be addressed as quickly as possible to prevent long term disability. Therapy specifically designed to improve balance post stroke, should focus on a multi-sensory approach (neuro-developmental training) which emphasizes and focusses more of the quality of functional movement thus allowing an individual to develop necessary functional mobility skills. Having more emphasis on "quality" of movement can have a superior impact on ones balance and gait post stroke vs conventional therapy approaches.

Exercises that promote weight shifting in up-right positions, such as standing, stepping strategies (on flat surfaces and over obstacles) and functional movement in all planes of motions have more of an impact on promoting balance awareness in post stroke patients.

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