Vestibular Rehabilitation

There are many causes of central dizziness: head injury, anxiety, migraine, medications, cervical issues, concussions, BPPV just to name a few. It is important to have a thorough evaluation by your physician to accurately diagnose and by an expertly trained physical therapist to evaluate and treat your condition. Dizziness can impact your ability to function on a daily basis, such as rolling over in bed, going from sit to stand, driving your car, playing sports or other activities you may enjoy. Seeing an expert can not only aide in decreasing your signs and symptoms, there are time when your dizziness can completely go away. Other times, we teach you how to manage your dizziness so you can function as normally as possible. Everyone is different, and no one person experiences dizziness and functional loss the same. That is why is it imperative to seek experts that are knowledgeable and resourceful so you get the best treatment available.

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