September 2017 - Balance Awareness Month

The Vestibular Disorders Association is announcing “Balance Awareness Week” for Sept 18- 21, 2017.  Additionally, The Fall Prevention Network is promoting their “Stop Falls” awareness week for Sept 22 - 28, 2017.  And finally, the National Council on Aging is having a “Falls Prevention Awareness Day” ( on Sept 22, 2017! So putting all this together, Arroyo Physical Therapy & Total Rehab are celebrating  September  2017 as Balance Awareness month! and providing *FREE Fall and Balance Screenings for the whole month of September at all 3 locations: Victorville, Palm Desert and Pasadena!!!

Our “Fall and Balance Screening” provides you a general impression of your overall balance and coordination and general recommendations for you and your physician so you can make appropriate decisions about your healthcare, balance, coordination, strength and to address any issues that may become apparent.

Be sure to give us a call today to schedule your FREE screening at (800) 489-6905 ex 101

*By appointment only.

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