Physical Therapy Concierge Services!

Concierge Services: Why not take your fitness and health to a whole new level?! Arroyo Physical Therapy has one goal in mind: to keep you active and moving, no matter what your mobility level is. Physical Therapists are the “Go-To” professionals for movement disorders and are the experts on exercise, mobility, movement disorders and function.

Our Concierge Service is perfect for the patient or individual who wants to continue to receive care and guidance after their prescribed course of physical therapy. Continuing on a year-round basis will ensure that you maintain the results you have achieved. It can help defray costs for individuals without insurance, those that have high deductibles, or for those who choose not to utilize their insurance for physical therapy services.

What Your Membership Includes:

• Priority scheduling during normal business hours (8 AM – 5 PM M – F) • Follow-up / continuum of care with evidence and medical based exercises. • 1 Home Visit for Ergonomics OR; 1 Home Safety Check OR; 1 Sport Specific Balance Assessment per year (a $250 value) • Ongoing Review / Update for any Community Based or Home Exercise Program(s) • Access to your physical therapist via email and telephone • 50 minute sessions One-on-One with your physical therapist • Assistance with scheduling follow-up visits with your Primary Care Physician.

Here at Arroyo Physical Therapy, we are committed to making your life more fun and functional. So call us today for more information about your membership or visit our website for more information.