Fascial Stretch Therapy

stretch to win Fascial Stretch Therapy

Here at Arroyo Physical Therapy we have Certified Fascial Stretch Therapists who have been trained through the “Stretch to Win” institute, to assess and treat connective tissue restrictions that impact ones mobility.

Part of being Balance & Movement Disorder specialists is understanding how the body moves and being able to correct fascial / connective tissue restrictions that impact and restrict mobility and doing what we can to restore the body to be able to move as it was designed to.

FST® or Fascial Stretch Therapy is THE way to be and get stretched.  Most other types of stretching cause pain or can be painful and don’t promote long term gains in flexibility and range of motion as the body wants to “recoil” due to pain and discomfort.

However, with FST®, our fascia - our body’s connective tissue - can be stretched to address body alignment issues and be modified to each individuals specific needs.  FST® is different in that it puts together multiple techniques of traction, PNF, resistance and slow oscillating (wave like) movements - all PAIN Free and with lasting results that can impact our mobility for improved quality of life.

Anyone can do FST® as long as you are medically cleared.

Top Benefits:

  1. NO PAIN/PAIN RELIEF. You will feel gentle stretches and if you have any discomfort your Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist is trained to modify positioning for your comfort. Also, if you suffer from pain, FST® can greatly and rapidly reduce soft tissue pain associated with fibromyalgia, trigger points, soreness from chronic bad posture and/or overuse type signs and symptoms.

  2. IMPROVED MOBILITY/PERFORMANCE. No matter your activity level - athlete or couch potato - you can gain mobility and increase activity and athletic performance.

  3. IMPROVED POUSTURE/BODY ALIGNMENT. Being more flexibly allows your body to actually move the way it was designed to - upright and free.

  4. INJURY PREVENTION/RECOVERY/REHAB. Fascial Stretching can help prevent injury due to keeping the connective tissue more pliable and agile for activity - thus reducing injury. Fascial stretching can also aid in recovery as it increases blood flow promoting healing; also aids in breaking down scar tissue for increased range of motion and improves blood flow promoting faster healing.

  5. WEIGHT LOSS. Although FST® won’t cause you to lose weight - having increased mobility allows you to be more active and pain free so you CAN be more mobile in order to lose weight.

  6. IMPROVE SLEEP QUALITY/REDUCE STRESS. By being more relaxed the nervous system can function more accurately and not be overtaxed - which can impact sleep.

Fascial Stretch Therapy/FST® is a CASH only service provided by Arroyo Physical Therapy.  Payment is due at time of service.

Single and Packaged sessions are available in the Palm Desert and Pasadena locations only at this time.

Initial Session - 1 Hour: $125

Details: Initial postural and mobility consultation, fill out health questionnaire, initial stretch session to assess areas and set up treatment plan

Followup Sessions - 1 hour: $125

Details: Full body with targeted / focussed stretching on area(s) needing attention


1 hour - 3 Sessions = $350 - You save $25

1 hour - 5 sessions - $575 - You save $50

1 Hour - 10 sessions = $1,100 - You save $150


Followup Sessions - 1/2 hour*: $75

Details: Either Upper Body or Lower Body targeted area

*No discounts for 1/2 Hour sessions